Monday, May 11, 2009

Runaway Runway

i attended the Runaway Runway show in whitensville, ma this past saturday. one of the fashion designers from the mass art show hosted and put together the entire show (congrats!). i did attend this show as a photographer. Zack, also a photographer, has been working with this designer for a while now. he has shot all of her work and she asked if we would shoot this show she put together. her dresses were of the candyland/tim burton look, so the entire show was based around it with these cute cupcakes and little girls in white "bob cut" wigs serving them out to the audience. cute! the show was great, and we got to meet the lovely folks at worcester magazine/baystate parents who published our work!

Congrats to everyone and thanks! Thank you Faye Guanipa!


some of the lovely models (the one in the black leather was so sweet!!! i had the pleasure of talking to her backstage for a bit)


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